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Christina Schlecht

Platinum Leader, Silver in Six (Si6) Recipient


I am the founder of the Blue Spruce Club and it fills my heart with joy and excitement to bring these pure, powerful products to every family and lifestyle in the world, all infused with the life-changing benefits of Young Living Essential Oils™!

I’m a passionate wife and mother to two amazing dogs, Moose and Cougar. I’ve worked as an environmental biologist for the Ministry of the Environment for over eleven years, and I love sharing my environmental knowledge with others. Along my healthy living and healing journey, I have discovered an amazing company called Young Living.

I started sharing the products with others because I truly wanted to help people—and wow, did it help! So what started out as a sharing because I loved the product has now turned into a full time business for me and our family!

I’ve had two especially astounding experiences since beginning to work with Young Living. The first was earning the prized “Silver in Six (Si6)” award and receiving an Aroma Complete™ (with over 125 oils, worth approximately $2700 dollars—whoa!), and more importantly the recognition of my passionate leadership. And the second astounding experience has been forming the Blue Spruce Club, and feeling the incredible joy of spreading this beautiful lifestyle even further.

With the amazing Blue Spruce Club leadership team we have been able to touch the lives of people across the globe! I look forward to learning more about you and how we can assist you in your healthy YOU, healthy HOME, and healthy PLANET Lifestyle!

My Favourite YL Products & Oils: NingXia Red™, ART™ Skin Care, Super B™, Thieves™ Cleaner, Laundry and Spray, Valor®, Abundance™, Idaho Blue Spruce

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