We’re not salespeople or marketing professionals or ad execs—and you don’t need to be either. Working with the Blue Spruce Club is about spreading positivity and helping people achieve health—and for that, all you need is a passion for healthy living, and a belief that the world can and will be a better place!

Why Blue Spruce Club?

…and more! You’ll have opportunities to work with other Sprucers at events, sharing the work and increasing your business. And you’ll have this website and its resources to use for your business, which means no startup work or costs for you. You get to focus on the fun part! Once a Sprucer, always a Sprucer, which means you’ll always have access to all of these amazing resources.

We’re as committed to your success as we are to our own, and we love to see our team members flourish!



So just how much potential is there for you to create a substantial income with the Blue Spruce Club? Well, a lot.

Young Living has one of the most generous compensation plans for multi-level marketing companies around!

With the support of the Blue Spruce Club, with all its awesome resources and members, you can even earn all kinds of bonuses — like the amazing Silver in Six (Si6) Achievement kit, which includes the ultimate oil-sampling tool, the Aroma Complete™ (which is worth over $2600—wow!).

For all the nitty-gritty details about Young Living’s Compensation Plan, check out this brochure.

Here is the 2015 Annual Income Statement – Check out the averages and do the math!!


You probably have questions — we all did! We know the compensation system can seem a little complicated at first, and we’d love to talk to you either by email, on the phone, or via a video call, to help you plan your next steps, and to show you just how rewarding a Blue Spruce life can be!

Essential Rewards

The Essential Rewards program is one of our favourite aspects of Young Living. If you know you use a certain amount of, say, Lavender Oil, NingXia Red®, and Thieves® every month (or any product!), you can place an automatic order so the shipment always arrives before you run out. If you order 50PV (basically $50 worth) or more via the Essential Rewards program, each of those orders gains you credits redeemable for free products. You are earning more of these amazing products just by using them!

For all the nitty-gritty details, see below… 

NOTE: Free Diffusers in the ER Program above is for Canada Members only.

NOTE: Free Diffusers in the ER Program above is for Canada Members only.

Again, if you have any questions about how you can build a successful, rewarding career with the Blue Spruce Club and Young Living, please get in touch—we want you to be part of the club!